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Are you tired of paying high electric bills? Sick of having to keep the blinds closed just to keep the room cool?

Bruce’s Cool Sun Screens has the solution! And at a value that can’t be beat. Our sun screens STOP the Florida heat!

If you want to reduce the temperature within your home, lessen the load on your A/C unit and significantly reduce the amount of electricity used to run your A/C unit. Using Sun Screens to shade your home’s windows from the hot sun is not only a must, it is IMPERATIVE!

According to the Consumer Guide, the cost of replacing windows is expensive and rarely pays back quick enough to be a good investment, compared to the value of our Sun Screens!!! New double pained tinted windows will still get HOT and still require Sun Screens!!! LB

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  • 7-10x More effective than Tint, Film, & Window Treatments.
  • Great for Windows, Doors, Porches, Patios, Skylights, RV’s & Boats.
  • Solar Screens are a minimal up front Investment that will help reduce your energy costs.
  • Your house will stay much cooler with Solar Screens shading its windows, therefore your A/C will not have to work as hard.
  • The results are Reduced Electric Bills.
  • The Minimal investment in Solar Screens will quickly pay off within a short period of time.
  • Reduces glare an stops fading of curtains an furniture.
  • Tint & FIlm voids most window warranties, Solar Screens DO NOT!
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  • Blocks the sun NOT the view.
  • Pet resistant & extremely durable
  • Protects glass from golf balls 
  • Gives daytime privacy, now opn those curtains & blinds an let in the soft light.
  • Shading coefficiency 5-8 times worse with window Tint & Film compared to Solar Screen.
  • Overall cost of window Tint & Film is 30%-40% more to install
  • Tint & FIlm is permanently attached an can never be removed without considerable time & expense.
  • With Tint & Film the sun is still striking the glass causing heat gain in the living space.
  • Even if Tint & Film is installed correctly – tends to bubble, peel, & crack after a few years of exposure, Solar Screens DO NOT!
How Much $ Can I Save?

How Much $ Can I Save?

The results for each home or building will vary, studies indicate a home or building having all sun struck windows shaded, can produce a savings up to 50% or more on cooling costs. Since windows account for almost 50% of the cooling cost of your home (more than the...

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Will They Affect My Window Warranty?

Will They Affect My Window Warranty?

Solar screens will not affect any portion of your window warranty. Window manufacturers of double pane windows have indicated they may void your window warranty if a window tint or window film is applied. Tint or film can cause excessive heat to build between the...

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How Much Do They Cost?

How Much Do They Cost?

Solar screens are considered by many, the most cost-effective, enhancement you can make to a home or building, for the money. Bruce’s Cool Sun Screens can measure, professionally build, and install the average sized solar screen for around $135/ window. Many people...

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Phantom Motorized Screen Units for Patios and Lanais

We are an official installer of Phantom Screens.

Control your screen with a remote, a wall switch, or your smartphone.

Your screen will give you a surprising amount of control over what comes in and out of your space.

Keep harsh sun and looky-loos at bay with a finely-woven privacy mesh.

These screens can block up to 100% of UV rays, and are available in multiple colors and fabrics. They’re Greenguard-, lead-free-, and Microban-certified.

Our people are experts.

All of our installers are trained and supported by the manufacturer for consistent, best-in-class workmanship.

Our warranty is the best in the industry.

Phantom screens are covered by a limited lifetime warranty, which means a fix is just a phone call away.

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